The password is a flicker of an eyelash.

— Adrienne Rich

The Road to Lucky #7 or Trial and Error

It’s taken a rather long time (in Tina Reckoning) to get the ball rolling on Thing #7.  The first step is to cover small glass tiles in tiny crochet.  Being a big fan of making things harder than they need to be, I first tried making little crocheted *pouches* for the tiles.  Most of the time these were either too solid (not enough light was allowed through to enjoy the glass) or too flimsy (a light tap would knock a corner out of the holder) or too bulky (I don’t want giant pillowed boarders surrounding the glass) or just too bloody hard to crochet.  My fingers may be small, but they fumble. Finally, I found (and as many times as I’ve *discovered* this pearl of wisdom, you’d think it would be second nature by now) that simplifying does not necessarily mean defeat.  In fact, it is often the best way to succeed.

Here you see a pile of failure — or to use a term more acceptable to the “glass half full” crowd: error…

Thing 7 Error

Thing 7 Error

Simplified and neat, we have some success.  It is only the beginning.  Thing 7 requires many more of these and if the Universe is behaving properly, they will get better with practice.

Bits and Pieces of Thing #7

Bits and Pieces of Thing #7

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  • Libby
    June 7, 2011

    Mmmmm. Candy.

  • admin
    June 7, 2011

    I want to “like” that comment. Maybe I need to look for or write a “like”plug-in.

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