It’s well we cannot hear the screams we make in other people’s dreams.

— Edward Gorey

Thing #16: Fail or Yarn BOMB

My first real attempt at yarn bombing, um, bombed.  It was poor planning on my part.  I chose the wrong day, the wrong time.  Ah well, live, learn, try again…  😉

I did get a photo before the nice security boys told me I couldn’t leave my “art” on the sculpture.

I guess I’m not very good at “covert.”

Bombed Yarn Bomb

Bombed Yarn Bomb

On a positive note, I think I got my over-ambitious yarn-bombing desire out of my system.  The next effort will not be as time-consuming. And, hopefully, I can get back on track with the rest of my 100 Things.


The cats seem to like the bombed yarn remains (what does a girl do with a knitted and crocheted umbrella cover???).

Franklin and Sashi like the "Bomb"

Franklin and Sashi like the "Bomb"

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  • Sue Surdam
    September 18, 2011

    Too bad the security guards “made you”. Perhaps using “covert” TV FBI talk will make us more sneaky next time…

    • admin
      September 18, 2011

      And ninja costumes!! We’ll be all “24” about it… 😉

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