everything isn’t everything

— Shel Silverstein

Some Things I Like and Some Defense

I’m going to start with the defense.

It was suggested to me by a certain someone that my last post was not so good, that in it I devalue the work of my friend and client, Christopher Lord. This was not my intent.

I think it is very common for artists of all sorts to be their own worst critics. I don’t see how we can be any different. What do we have to aim for if our work is always perfect?  How can we hope to improve if we think our work always great? I hope that the art I create is never great, for I think that must mean I’d be ready to die — or at least lead a very boring and unproductive existence with little to look forward to.

In calling my last two things “Not My Favorite,” I was neither commenting on Christopher’s taste nor his work. Nor was I saying that the Things were abysmal failures and signs that I should donate my crayons and pencils to the local preschool, and stick to coding database-driven websites. I was simply saying that the two drawings are not my favorites.  Surely even the unnamed can agree that not ALL of my drawings can be my favorites.

That being said, here I present for you Things 34 through 38.  These ARE some of my favorite things.

Thing 34 is a map of Dickens Square in Dickens Junction. Like Things 32 and 33, you will find this Thing in The Christmas Carol Murders by Christopher Lord (which I love, by the way).

Map of Dickens Square

Thing 34

Things 35, 36, 37 and 38, are part of a map that will eventually be posted here and on DickensJunction.com. The map may or may not be included in The Edwin Drood Murders (book two in the Dickens Junction series).

Thing 35 is a drawing of the front of the Hotel Elliott in Astoria, Oregon.  I had hoped to do more drawings of the hotel, but the staff seemed reluctant to let me look around and take photos. I guess I am a shady-looking character and the hotel has all the press it needs!

Thing 35

Thing 35

Thing 36 is a view of Dickens Square.

Thing 36

Thing 36

Thing 37 is the entrance to Pioneer Cemetery in Astoria, Oregon.

Thing 37

Thing 37

Thing 38 is the Astoria Column in, that’s right, Astoria, Oregon.

Thing 38

Thing 38

Well, those are some Things that I like.  Hopefully, they will not be the last of their kind.  And maybe, just maybe, some day I will look back at these and say, “Those are NOT my favorite Things;” because by then my Things will be ever so much better (I really wanted to write “ever so much more better,” but I thought that might be going too far) as to make these seem quite ghastly.

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