People can lose their lives in libraries. They ought to be warned.

— Saul Bellow

So Many Things…

I have been busy.  The drawings for the second book in the Dickens Junction series are finished. I’m pretty excited about them. I will post full versions here once the Semi-Famous Author, Christopher Lord, posts them on his own site.  It may be a while, but it will happen.

In the meantime, I have revised a sweater (tutorial and photos coming some day…), made more jewelry, designed a new logo for a local liquor store, recovered throw pillows and couch cushions — heck, I’ve recovered most of the bleeding couch in effort to save it from the cats’ shredders — created and modified some recipes (actual food!) and more.  Not much that’s too artsy, but…Things have been made.

Today’s Thing really should count as at least 6 things, but I’ll call it one because it’s also not very artsy (though I did use my very own pattern for the pattypan). I am currently crocheting (well, I’m currently typing, but my current project is…) vegetables for two different fundraisers:

1) the forthcoming IndieGoGo campaign for the Montavilla Food Co-Op (one entire set of veggies will be available to one lucky pledger as a perk)
2) my friend’s son’s school’s auction (one complete set of veggies will be up for auction)

So far, each set of veggies looks like this:

Thing 45

Thing 45

But I am not done.  I’ll be adding to the piles for a couple more weeks.

Happy Thing-making!

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