True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.

— Kurt Vonnegut

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Terrible Things

I’ve been a bit preoccupied with other Things lately.  A friend was in a bad car accident and remains in a partial coma after more than 3 weeks (as does his fiance); and another friend’s child is severely ill (HLH, … Continue reading

Things #19 and #20: Bracelets and Revelation

Things #19 and #20 are bracelets made from very old linen, beads from a vintage necklace, and memory wire. This time, I’ve decided to share the love via a tutorial.  I stuck the tutorial on the Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose portion … Continue reading

Thing #18: Ball Chain Bracelet

I am going through a short phase of bracelet-addiction thanks, mainly, to the aforementioned (previous post) blog, HonestlyWTF.  This time, I was inspired by their ball chain bracelet tutorial and a mistaken yard sale purchase. I thought I was buying … Continue reading

Thing #17: Hex Nut Bracelet

One of my favorite blogs (which happens to have one of the best blog names I’ve seen), HonestlyWTF, recently posted a tutorial for making a hex nut bracelet. You should really check it out.  While there, subscribe to the blog’s … Continue reading

A Productive Weekend, However Thingless

It’s been a slow couple of days for Things, but I’ve gotten a lot of other projects done. Charging Station I drew up the plans for this several weeks ago and finally finished it.  It has a pocket for my … Continue reading

Thing #9: Glass, Wooden Buttons, Beads, Wire

Between the completion of Things 7 and 9, I also started a few more “Things” and created two drawings for my cousin’s (okay my first-cousin-once-removed’s) wedding invitations.  So, I’m not sure that this is technically Thing #9.  However, I’m calling … Continue reading

I Break for Sparklies

I found this cute skirt at Bearly Worn (the store at 4926 has had to close, so everything is at 4908 now)… …and I needed a necklace to go with it (it matches better than it appears…).  So, I took … Continue reading