Color is a plastic means of creating intervals… color harmonics produced by special relationships, or tensions. We differentiate now between formal tensions and color tensions, just as we differentiate in music between counterpoint and harmony.

— Hans Hofmann

Forty-Eight: Clothing Tags

Clothing Tags

Forty-Seven: Two Fence Views

Highway and Ocean Through Fence

Forty-Six: Santa Can’t Take February Off

Santa in February

Forty-Five: What Does Santa Do in January?

Santa is a clown in January

Forty-Four: Drunken Santa


So Many Things…

I have been busy.  The drawings for the second book in the Dickens Junction series are finished. I’m pretty excited about them. I will post full versions here once the Semi-Famous Author, Christopher Lord, posts them on his own site.  It may be a while, but it will happen.

In the meantime, I have revised a sweater (tutorial and photos coming some day…), made more jewelry, designed a new logo for a local liquor store, recovered throw pillows and couch cushions — heck, I’ve recovered most of the bleeding couch in effort to save it from the cats’ shredders — created and modified some recipes (actual food!) and more.  Not much that’s too artsy, but…Things have been made.

Today’s Thing really should count as at least 6 things, but I’ll call it one because it’s also not very artsy (though I did use my very own pattern for the pattypan). I am currently crocheting (well, I’m currently typing, but my current project is…) vegetables for two different fundraisers:

1) the forthcoming IndieGoGo campaign for the Montavilla Food Co-Op (one entire set of veggies will be available to one lucky pledger as a perk)
2) my friend’s son’s school’s auction (one complete set of veggies will be up for auction)

So far, each set of veggies looks like this:

Thing 45

Thing 45

But I am not done.  I’ll be adding to the piles for a couple more weeks.

Happy Thing-making!

Another Sneaky Peaky Thing

Below is a new sneak peak (drawing detail) of a drawing to be featured in The Edwin Drood Murders, due out in the fall of 2013. The book is, of course, the second in the Dickens Junction series, the first being The Christmas Carol Murders, which I know you read and loved.

Happy New Year!

Thing 44

Thing 44

It’s a Seasonal Thing

Thing 43 is this year’s holiday card. Most of you (well, probably ALL of you as I think most people who see this blog are friends and family) know that I hand draw my holiday card every year.  So, here is this year’s:


Happy Holidays!

Sneaky Peaky Things

To see these Things in their entirety, you will just have to wait for The Semi-Famous Author, Christopher Lord, to start talking to you about The Edwin Drood Murders, book two in the Dickens Junction Mystery series. In the meantime, enjoy these sneak peaks and read The Christmas Carol Murders.

Thing 41

Thing 41 – A Detail


Thing 42

Thing 42 – Another Detail

It’s a Sketchy Thing

I’m working on drawings for the second Dickens Junction Mystery: The Edwin Drood Murders.  I’m having more fun with these as they are a little more my style.  I’m really looking forward to the Our Mutual Friend Murders drawings as the subject matter will lend itself to some surrealism fun.

In the meantime, here are a couple of story board sketches that I’m calling Things 39 and 40.

Thing 39

Thing 40